People who refuse to face reality and deal with their problems and who are in denial about them are very prone to developing addictions. In fact alcoholism is called the “disease of denial” because alcoholics often refuse to acknowledge that they have a problem, often until it is too late. God wants you to take

I do not agree with the AA’s statement which says, “Once an alcoholic, Always an alcoholic.” Even in Christian AA groups they do not believe that you can be free from alcoholism. The term that they use is “recovering alcoholic”. I use the term “recovered”. One of the first things that the Lord showed me

Understanding How You Fell into the Trap of Addictions In order to break free from the bondage of addictions, you need to first understand how you fell into this trap in the first place! As mentioned in the introduction, the mind-set behind addictions is the need to be loved unfulfilled, a low self-esteem and the